Welcome to Reston USE

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What is Reston USE 

Reston USE was founded in 1975.  Its members are people who live in the Reston/Herndon area of Northern Virginia. Our purpose is to enable neighbors to help each other through the exchange of services. No money changes hands – repayment is in kind, by performing services for other USE members. The accounts of members are kept in hours of USE credit, so we’re often referred to as a “time bank.”

We bring together people with various needs and people who can meet those needs by providing a way to request and offer services. Often lasting friendships blossom as a result of these exchanges.

As a neighbor-to-neighbor service exchange, USE does not expect a professional plumber or electrician to volunteer services for which they need compensation. Services are limited to those that can be done in a few hours and that would not have a large monetary value if provided commercially. The atmosphere of exchanges is one of small friendly exchanges. USE credits are for time only, in increments of an hour. 

How To Use This Website

Click through the menu tabs at the top of each page to see all USE has to offer!  Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • The About menu tab will give information on what we do and who we are – Check out our Welcome Video! 
  • Keep up with all the USE news and upcoming events through the News and Events tabs.
  • When you’re ready to become a member, you’ll find a link to an application form on the Membership Info page under the Join menu tab. 
  • For our members, you can get tips on how to use our timebank software (“hOurworld”) and to request or offers services through the hOurworld tab.
  • Have a question about Reston USE? Any suggestions on how to make USE better?  Want to help volunteer?  Click the Contact tab – we want to hear from you!