Can you help by adding a post to this website? You’ll be amazed how easy it is! If you’re willing to help, you’ll earn credit hours as well as have the satisfaction of contributing to achieving our goal of better communication with our members. If willing to help, please add a comment below along with your email address and/or phone number.

  1. Our site Administrator will send you an automated message from WordPress inviting you to accept this “Contributor” role to our site, and asking you to create a User Name and a Password, which you will use to login to our site.
  2. After logging in, look to the left Column where it says “Blog Posts” and click the “Add” button.
  3. Now you see a screen allowing you to type in a Title, and lower down text.
  4. If you want, click to the right, “Set Featured Image”, to select, click and set an image to headline your text…or not…we can always add an image for you later!
  5. When done typing your “Post” entry for our Blog, click upper right “Submit for Review”, and you’re done!
  6. Our Website Administrator will then review, edit and publish your Blog article for you!
  7. If you want to do another Blog Article, just go to the WP.COM home page at, click the upper right Sign In, login again with your User Name and Password, and do the Blog posting process once again!

Here are the basic steps to get you started as a new “Contributor” to our Website: