A shout out and hearty THANK YOU to all who volunteered to make our fall picnic the enjoyable success it was.

Callers: Janet Cochran, Ann Webster, Marie Webster, Alice Markham, Meredith Compton, Kathy Bush, Gail Vogel, and Joyce Wilkinson

Setup, decorating, and covering the food table: Lou Dragon, Fran Lovaas, Ruth Sievers, and Jean Banks

Cleanup: Ruth Sievers, Lou Dragon, and Ricky Dahne

Host/emcee: Alan Krishnan

Those who did double duty:

Taking charge of the sign-in table, as well as making calls: Ann and Marie Webster

Setup, including decorating, and cleanup (and bringing a scrumptious home-made carrot cake – Yum!): Ruth Sievers

If I overlooked anyone, please know that your efforts are much appreciate. And be sure to tell me! USE doesn’t work without volunteers pitching in, and things could not have gone much more smoothly than they did at this year’s Annual Fall Potluck Picnic.

Thanks so much to you all!