A few pics from our Holiday Luncheon and White Elephant exchange at Cafe Montmartre, Lake Anne in Reston. A festive, fun time, good food and maybe a little wine here and there for about 16 USE members. There was a distinct chocolate theme among the gifts people chose, with a very large and beautiful basket as the pièce de résistance of the event going to lucky new member Jan Bradshaw. Another successful and happy USE event bringing our members together, this time in the spirit of the holidays.

Pictured above starting from top row, clockwise from left: Tim Finefrock, Jan Bradshaw and Susan Kousek; Jan Bradshaw; Row 2: Beth Balmer, Karen Mayberry, Jo Klein and Ruth Sievers; Row 3: Judy Gulbis and Fran and John Lovaas facing Karen Mayberry. Photos taken by Jim Seret.