Once again, Alan Krishnan was host to a pleasurable winter Sunday afternoon, complete with a tasty light lunch, two short presentations by Alan’s good friends, light drinks and snacks, and a delightfully funny, yet thoughtful Indian film, The Three Idiots. And we were privileged to hear our new USE member Shyamali Hauth play her Celtic harp for us. A fun and festive atmosphere prevailed as close to 30 people attended this popular event.

Many thanks to Alan and Kusum Krishnan for once again making everyone feel so comfortable and welcome, to Shamali Hauth for playing her harp so beautifully for us, to Nalini and Sri Mirajkar for presenting their entertaining short film on the vicissitudes of the blind dating scene, to Brindala and Kishan Ananthram for presenting information on their innovative safety system.

Pictured from top left: Shyamali Hauth on Celtic harp; Lynn Jordan, Gar Young, Rama Alluri and Alvarez Lecesne; Sritha Alluri and Tara Swamy; Beth Balmer and Cheri Wubbels; Nalini and Sri Mirajkar, and Brindala Ananthram, and a partial view of the tempting party spread. Photos taken by Jim Seret.