An Online Party Celebrating the Start of 2022

On February 13, USE board member Alan Krishnan treated fellow USE members to a party with entertainment – maybe just slightly delayed because of scheduling difficulties – but it was a New Year’s celebration nonetheless. The dozen or so members who attended had the pleasure of hearing beautiful singing, a violin solo, two medical information sessions from medical professionals, also a father-son Rubik’s cube demonstration, two Girl Scout presentations, and more. We appreciate Alan’s hard work and efforts to create an entertaining program for fellow USE members.

Thanks, Alan!

The Event’s Program
Variety of Music: Ms. Sunila Bali Dutt
School Board and You: FCPS School Board Members
Violin Music: Ms. Aparnaa Ananthakrishnan
Girl Scout Cookies: Ms. Dia Rajan
Girl Scout Gold Project: Ms. Shriya Iyer

Rubiks Cube Unraveled: Mr. Kieren Mendon
Life Beyond COVID 2019: Dr. Monali Pandya
Building Immunity & Staying Healthy: Dr. Madhuri Pingle
Musical Selection to Close