First of all, thank you to all who attended our Spring Celebration. It was refreshing to see all of your faces, knowing we are growing closer as a group as time goes by.

The more we do together the closer we become. Those of us who are without family in the area, celebrated at a bountiful table, with friends who serve as family … and it was good. We are fortunate. USE is a good and safe place in our lives. 

When making my rounds about the table, I mentioned that USE began as a neighbor-to-neighbor group. I also reminisced about how, over the years, we’ve witnessed a gradual move toward friendship that has spread first from among the earliest board members, then toward inclusion of the entire membership.

Beyond these gatherings, we also have help with many tasks we can’t do ourselves because we lack the skills,or, perhaps, because we can’t afford to pay. From fixing a leaky faucet to baking a birthday cake for a special occasion, to hand-holding at a doctor’sappointment, it’s all available through our time bank.

USE is a treasure we should share. Call a friend and include them in our next celebration. Let them know we will welcome them and their talents. Call that friend who envies you this largesse and share it with them. Help grow Reston USE into the future. Share with friends and neighbors.They will thank you for it. 

Cheri Wubbels, Your Care Committee Chairwoman

Some Photos from our Spring Celebration