About Reston USE


What is Reston USE?

Reston USE (Useful Services Exchange) is essentially a timebank, a community organization where Reston area members exchange hours of service for time credits they can then use with another member. It’s neighbors helping neighbors without an exchange of currency.

There are over 800 and growing timebanks around the county, some using hOurworld as Reston USE does.

Reston USE,  founded in 1975, has 150 members who are people who live in the Reston/Herndon area of Northern Virginia. Our purpose is to enable neighbors to help each other through the exchange of services. No money changes hands – repayment is in kind, by performing services for other USE members. The accounts of members are kept in hours of USE credit, so we’re often referred to as a “time bank.”

Check out our Founder’s Story for further information on the founding of Reston USE by Henry Holdship Ware.

We bring together people with various needs and people who can meet those needs by providing a way to request and offer services. Often lasting friendships blossom as a result of these exchanges.

As a neighbor-to-neighbor service exchange, USE does not expect a professional plumber or electrician to volunteer services for which they need compensation. Services are limited to those that can be done in a few hours and that would not have a large monetary value if provided commercially. The atmosphere of exchanges is one of small friendly exchanges.

How does USE work?

USE credits are for time only, in increments of an hour. USE members may ask for needed services before they have accumulated the necessary credit hours. The hours can be made up later over time. 

What USE does not do:

USE is not an employment agency or a business. It does not trade commodities or goods. USE does not assign people to jobs.

USE does not attempt to ascertain whether governmental or other authorization permits, special training, bonds or other items are required. This is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the parties engaged in any service transaction for which USE credit is being earned. The listing of a member’s service offering does not constitute or imply Reston USE’s endorsement of the services provided, nor does Reston USE warrant nor is it liable for the performance of any Reston USE member whose services you use.