Detailed Site Feedback

We are very excited about the launch of our new Reston USE website!

In addition to the general site input and comments we have received from members to date, we are looking  for more comprehensive feedback in terms of site design, content and technical performance.  Please respond in the Comment box on this tab (scroll all the way to the very bottom of this page), with any comments to be then submitted for review by our Web Team.

Specifically we would appreciate feedback on the following.

  • does the site perform well (in terms of accuracy, timeliness, readability) across various browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.) and devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)?
  • can you interact successfully with the site (subscribe by following the blog, make Comments, Likes, fill out our Poll, and submit Forms, i.e., general Contact, or to Volunteer)?
  • do all weblinks appear to work properly, or can you detect any broken links so we might fix them?

In addition, the following general comments would also be appreciated:

  • can you readily find images, videos, text and other information on the site?
  • is any type of USE-related information missing from the site?
  • is it clear how the public face of the new website would work together with members-only, restricted access to USE’s hOurworld or our Facebook pages?
  • any other comments or questions about the new website that members care to make!

Please note that we would appreciate the above additional feedback in order to allow our Web Team to respond as they continue working to perfect and improve our new site.

Lastly, in addition to gathering your site feedback, the Board is looking for a few Good Men and Women!...

… to join our existing Web Team and help assume limited WordPress Roles in Editing, Authoring or Contributing content for the site. Your carrying out any of these Roles would be greatly appreciated, will help keep our content fresh, and will maintain our online presence in sync with the many real world USE activities!

Anyone interested should contact our Web Team Lead, Kathy Bush, at her email at or by way of our general mailbox at,

Thanks for your support!     Your friendly USE Web Team


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