What is the Mission of Reston USE?

  • Born in 1975, USE is a community organization, for those who live and work in Reston or Herndon, Virginia. We enable neighbors to help each other through the exchange of Services. Repayment is in kind, by performing services for other USE members. The accounts of members are kept in hours of USE credit.

What is TimeBanking?

  • TimeBanking is a kind of money. Give one hour of service to another and receive one time credit.  For one person to earn a time credit, however, someone else has to agree to give it. Timebanking happens when a network or circle of members have agreed that they will give and receive credits for services that other members provide. Those networks are called “timebanks.”

What kinds of Services are Exchanged, Where, and at What Cost? 

  • Services are exchanged in the greater Reston/Herndon area.  Types of services cover a wide variety from providing rides to the airport or home repairs, to computer assistance and caring for a pet.  There is no cost per transaction, just your willingness to either give (or receive) services as need.

How can I become a member? 

  • Please review these links for information about Reston USE and our Service Exchange.  If you are ready to become a member, please fill out an Application Form.

What does Membership Cost?

  • Membership cost is very reasonable:  $10 for a single and $20 for a household membership.

How do I login to my Account?

  • Once you are a member, please go to your Member Login to be able to carry out Service Exchange actions.

What Events and Other Activities does Reston Use Sponsor?

  • We sponsor periodic social, educational and community service events.  Please check out our posts for upcoming activities!

How can I Volunteer to Help Reston USE?

  • We are always looking for Volunteers to help with our website, organize events, or offer to serve as a member of our Board.  Click here to Volunteer, and someone from USE will be happy to contact you!

How can my organization partner with USE? 

  • We are open to partnering with other area non-profits or the business community to promote our Service Exchange activities, host events, or support our fund-raising.  Please Contact Us!

Media Inquiries: 

  • If you represent a media organization, let us know your interest in writing about Reston USE or covering one of our events by filling out a Contact Form.