Volunteer with USE to help grow what we can offer!

Reston USE is run by volunteers. In addition to members who trade their services to other members, our volunteers have helped USE by serving on the Board, managing the membership list, updating the weekly hOurworld email, helping members who require computer/internet assistance, coordinating events, updating the website, and much more! 

Won’t you join us? As with any membership/volunteer organization, you get more out of it the more you put into it.  To get started volunteering, please contact Alvarez LeCesne at lecesnealvarez@gmail.com or call him at 703-472-0212 and tell him what you would like to do! 

I’ve lived in Reston since 1988, joined Reston USE about seven years ago, and recently started volunteering. I wish I had joined and volunteered much earlier. It’s a great organization and I’ve met many lovely people. I find it fulfilling to help others, and it’s nice to also get help when I need it.

Susan Kousek

If interested in helping USE in a more formal capacity, please also considering volunteering for one of our open board positions:

  • Reston USE President — see the description under Leadership on the About tab. It may sound like a big job, but the President has the support of the board members and other volunteers. Great for someone with leadership experience who can help us think strategically.
  • Secretary — see the description under Leadership on the About tab. Involves writing and note taking. This position, as are all board positions, is supported by other board members and volunteers.

Any USE member who is interested in one of the board positions, please email Acting President Kathy Bush at mkbwrk1@hotmail.com.