Volunteer with USE to help grow what we can offer!

Reston USE is run by volunteers. In addition to members who trade their services to other members, we have volunteers who serve on the board, manage the membership list, write and distribute the weekly hOurWorld email, coordinate events, host small group get-togethers, update the website, and help spread the word about our organization.

Won’t you join us? As with any membership/volunteer organization, you get more out of it the more you put into it.

I’ve lived in Reston since 1988, joined Reston USE about seven years ago, and recently started volunteering. I wish I had joined and volunteered much earlier. It’s a great organization and I’ve met many lovely people. I find it fulfilling to help others, and it’s nice to also get help when I need it.

Susan Kousek

Reston USE has many opportunities to volunteer — some smaller roles, which we call micro-volunteering, and some larger roles. Check out the roles below and see if there’s one that interests you:

We have many micro-volunteering opportunities:

  • When it’s time for our annual meeting or summer social, call members to ask for help with setup or cleanup, coordinate types of food attendees bring for the potluck (appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc.) so we don’t have all cookies and no protein!
  • Help teach new members how to use the hOurworld software that we use to record our hours, and that can also be used to request and offer services
  • Post requests for services for a few members who do not have computer/internet access.
  • Host a small get-together in your home.
  • Contribute a blog post for our website.
  • Coordinate one of the Lunch Bunch get-togethers at a local restaurant.
  • Maybe start a coffee group, or a book club.

Consider volunteering for one of our open board positions:

  • Reston USE president — see the description under Leadership on the About tab. It may sound like a big job, but the president has the support of the board members and other volunteers. Great for someone with leadership experience who can help us think strategically.
  • Secretary — see the description under Leadership on the About tab. Involves writing and note taking. This position, as are all board positions, is supported by other board members and volunteers.

Any USE member who is interested in one of the board positions, please email Vice President Kathy Bush at mkbwrk1@hotmail.com.

To volunteer in any other capacity, please email RestonUSETimeBank@gmail.com, telling us in which activity(ies) you’d like to volunteer.